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The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim]


Project Status

Alhamdullah! construction work at 10 Logan garage has been completed and we have obtained TCO from the Jersey City Building Department.

Note of thanks from Imam

We thank Allah that no one was hurt, all praise is due to Him in the good times and the difficult ones. Our prophet tells us that “He who does not thank people, does not thank Allah." And so I extend my deepest thanks to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and Councilman Rolando Lavarro for their help and support to our community in this most challenging time. I also thank the JCFD who risk their lives every day, who put the fire out. I thank all our esteemed Imams and the brothers and sisters (the members of the surrounding Masajids) for their willingness to help their brothers and sisters in Jersey City to rebuild their Masjid. And lastly, everyone who has been promoting and sharing the news about the Center, and committing themselves and others to be a part of the rebuilding process, thank you all. 


اِنَّمَا يَعۡمُرُ مَسٰجِدَ اللّٰهِ مَنۡ اٰمَنَ بِاللّٰهِ وَالۡيَوۡمِ الۡاٰخِرِ وَاَ قَامَ الصَّلٰوةَ وَاٰتَى الزَّكٰوةَ وَلَمۡ يَخۡشَ اِلَّا اللّٰهَ‌ فَعَسٰٓى اُولٰۤٮِٕكَ اَنۡ يَّكُوۡنُوۡا مِنَ الۡمُهۡتَدِيۡنَ‏ ﴿۱۸


“The mosques of Allah are only to be maintained by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and establish prayer and give zakah and do not fear except Allah,for it is expected that those will be of the [rightly] guided.” Al-Tawba, 18

Shaykh Alaa Elsaadawi

Director of religious Affairs 

Altawheed Islamic Center


We have exciting news to share! After some preliminary meetings with our architects and city officials, our new masjid plan will include a MULTI-level building. Our goal has been updated to reflect a 24,000 sq ft plan, as opposed to our original 10,000 sq ft space. Projected costs to complete this project is estimated at $3M.

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