AIC provides wide variety of services to cater to the Community needs, below are few services that we offer at the center, to know more about each service please go to individual section for each service or contact our office.

New Muslim Support

New Muslims are welcome to contact us at any time with their questions or concerns or for much needed guidance in practicing this beautiful faith that they have accepted.

Marriage Services

We perform Marriage/Nikah ceremonies at the center for interested parties. For further details please check the Marriage Service section.

Ramadan at Al-Tawheed

There is no month more dear to the community than the holy month of Ramadan, AIC offers various services exclusively during this month, to mention few, community I’ftar every day during Ramadan, Khayam-ul-layl (Night Prayers) in the last ten nights and much looked forward to Taraweeh prayer with beautiful recitation of Iman Ragab.

Quranic and Islamic Studies

At the center we provide free classes for the community teaching Quran recitation, memorization and understanding, we have weekend school for kids that the parents can take advantage of in summer holidays.



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