“He who created death and life in order to test you which of you is best in doing deeds.”

(Al-Mulk 67:2)

The funeral is the last right of the deceased person on the community. As such it is of the utmost importance that the Sunnah and guidance of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sal Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam, be followed in all of the steps of the funeral.

* For more information, please see “16 Things to do When a Person is Dying” booklet.

Steps for a Muslim Burial:

  • Fill out information regarding the deceased (This information is sent to the Bergen Funeral Home for the release of the body). [Form Link: Click Here]
  • The deceased is brought to the masjid for the washing of the body (ghusl).
  • Funeral prayers are offered inside the Masjid according to the Sunnah.
  • The deceased is taken to the Muslim burial grounds in Makbarat As-Salam.

Directions to Cemetery from Al-Tawheed Center

Makbarat As-Salam

Route 33/Conover Rd Millstone, NJ 07746

  1. Get onto NJ Turnpike South, take Exit #8.
  2. After exit 8, proceed on Rt 33 toward Freehold.
  3. Pass 6 traffic lights, (about 5.8 miles).
  4. At the 6th light, pass PNC Bank on the right, go for about 1 mile and look for a farm named ‘Showplace Farms’ pm on your right.
  5. After the farm, make a right at Conover Rd which is about 1/4 mile away.
  6. Go about 500 yards and make a right turn into the Cemetery driveway.
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