Altawheed Islamic Center offer weekend school for children, teaching them how to recite quran with proper tajweed(Proper Recitation) by Nuraniya Curriculum. The school also offers Quran memorization, Arabic and Islamic studies. It is a great oportunity for our children during weekend to learn how to recite quran properly.

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  1. What are the age requirements?
    • The age requirement for AIC weekend school is any child from the age of 4 until 16 years of age.
  2. How much is the tuition?
    • Tuition is $35 monthly with a $25 one time registration fee.
  3. How is the weekend school set up?
    • Students are divided into four levels. There is beginner, intermediate, high, and advanced levels for students to be able to learn and excel in their Arabic studies.
  4. What is the attendance policy?
    • Students are allowed one absence every 2 months, a total of 5 absences per year, without penalty.
  5. What subjects are taught in this school?
    • Quran memorization, Arabic and Islamic studies are taught in different levels in AIC weekend school.
  6. What curriculum is followed?
    • AIC weekend school follows the Nuraniya Curriculum in which, upon completion, students are able to read directly from the Quran with ease. For Islamic Studies, students are taught the Forty Hadeeth Nawawi.
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