What is Ask Imam?

Our Ask Imam service is an outlet for all members of our community to get their religious questions answered by our Imam, Shaykh Alaa El Saadawi. Shaykh Alaa is one of the most knowledgeable Imams in our area and is often invited to scholarly conferences to discuss contemporary Islamic issues. This will serve as a tool & platform for every individual to gain knowledge through inquiry. Remember that the best way to worship Allah is through sound knowledge and the sincere seeker of knowledge is honored in the eyes of Allah( SWT).

What are you waiting for, ask away :)

Please state your question in a brief, clear and concise manner. Note, ATIC and Shaykh Alaa El Sadawi reserve the right to NOT answer questions deemed inappropriate or too private in nature. This is a best-effort service provided by ATIC. While every effort will be made to answer questions on a first come first served basis, there is no guarantee that every single question will be answered during any given session.

You can also email your questions to askimam@altawheedjc.com

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