To Allah we belong & to him we shall return…

The funeral is the last right of the deceased person in the community.  As such it is of the utmost importance that the Sunnah and guidance of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, be followed in all of the steps of the funeral.

Al Tawheed Islamic Center is here to make sure that we assist you through this difficult time in the easiest way possible. We have laid down simple instructions you can follow to facilitate the Janaza processions. We will assist in the following:   
    * Ensuring the entire process is conducted per the Sunnah
    * Ensuring the family has time to grieve and not worry about the Janazh arrangements
    * Hiring a Funeral Home
    * Arranging Ghusl, Kafan, Salat-Al-Janazah and Tadfeen
    * Purchasing a Grave (If you do not have one)
    * Coordinating with the cemetery for opening and closing of the grave.                               

Step 1
* Call Al Tawheed Islamic Center upon learning that your loved one has been deceased at 201-432-1773.
Step 2
* Fill out the funeral application found below.

Funeral Application

(Currently, our Masjid is under construction, temporarily Al Tawheed Islamic center is contracted with a nearby Muslim funeral home for the washing and the prepping of the deceased individual, and we perform the prayer at our center. )

If you have any question regarding the Funeral Services you can reach out to us by submitting the form below

Funeral Services Enquiry