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Panels of the House of Allah (Sheetrocks)

Short Description

Al Tawheed Islamic Center is excited to announce the reaching of yet another milestone in our rebuilding effort. After six long years we are now in the final stages and we need your help to get over the hurdle. We are now beginning to collect for the drywall/sheetrock of the masjid. That is right, it is time to put up the walls of the house of Allah. Indeed, this is an honorable act of goodness that we expect everyone to partake in. With the joy that comes with campaigning for the drywall one cannot help but also feel sad. The opportunity to earn a house in Janna is narrowing, the drywall is one of the final milestones in the rebuilding project. We do not want anyone to miss on this glorious opportunity.

Rush, hurry, do not miss out on the forgiveness and Paradise of Allah that he has prepared for you. Donate now. Fortify the house of Allah and Allah will inshallah fortify your life, protect you from trials, tribulations, and calamities.

A panel is an area of 48 square feet, 4’ by 12’. We need a total of 1,650 panels and each panel costs $100

Without any hesitation, how many Panels can you do? Donate using the form below.