Assalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

By the permission of Allah & our donors generous donations, in Ramadan, we have collected a total of $139,919, and received a total of $23,080 in pledges. May Allah accept all our donors generous donations and multiply their wealth. With your help, we can reach our remainder goal of $860,081.

Al Tawheed Islamic Center would like to thank our great team of youth who is working tirelessly during this pandemic to keep our congregation connected with the Masjid. Special thanks to Br. Khalil Adem for his great efforts in marketing, hosting live events and Br. Yamin Haji for his great efforts, dedication, and creativity for putting this online system together and making it easy for donors to give their donation online. We would like to also thank the entire religious affair committee, for their effort to set up our drive thru donations and fundraising campaign. Thank you to Br. Zakarya Abderrehim, Br. Bassem Abdelhamid, Br. Ziyad Abouelenin, Br. Ameen Helmy, and the rest of volunteers for helping during this crucial time. We ask Allah to record it for you on your scales of good deeds.

Thanks to Br. Kamel Haddouche, the center Manager for his great efforts to facilitate all events and to keep Masjid office doors opened during this pandemic to help our congregation members.

Finally, a big thanks to our Imam Alaa ElSaadawi for keeping our congregation connected to the Masjid, providing daily lectures and live streaming of events and prayers. We are truly fortunate to have an Imam who is as passionate and motivational as our Imam. May Allah Bless you and grant you the highest level of Jannah.

May Allah bless all of you and keep you and your family safe during this pandemic.

Best regards,

Ibrahim El-Dewak

Al Tawheed Islamic Center, President